Scissor-lift bridges - custom-built transport giants

Innovative, exceptionally impressive transport equipment from Greiner delivers peak performance on roads all over the world.

Greiner scissor-lift bridges are available for all payload ranges and for all types of axle configurations. To enable them to react flexibly to constantly changing transport requirements, Greiner scissor-lift bridges have a modular design that can be easily and relatively quickly configured as a high- or low-girder bridge. As essential as it is to offer self-supporting transformer transporters, it is also vital to provide the option of using the longitudinal girder system for bridge-crossing systems and assembly supports.

Our patented and extremely light extension system allows almost any load width to be accommodated for the customer. The system can be adjusted at any time to the required width, smoothly and with minimal effort. The use of high-strength fine-grained steel is yet another feature that allows Greiner’s transport giants to guarantee the best possible ratio of unladen weight to payload!